host family

We are delighted that you are interested in becoming a host family for one of our Australian Labradoodles.

Why do we choose a host family?
Because we want to continue the breed in a serious way and need new lines, we would like to place our dogs in loving families. This way every dog gets the attention he/she deserves.

In the case of a male we will use it for breeding. When it is finally grown and approved for our purposes. That means that he comes to us every now and then to cover a bitch. For a bitch it's something else.. she will have her litters with us, if she is at the right age. That means she will stay with us for a few weeks. During this time you are of course very welcome (even if) to visit mother with puppies, cuddle and play.

What can you expect from us?
• A beautiful, sweet and beautiful Australian Labradoodle.
• Private puppy course, given by my (Certified Kynological Instructor).
• Nice meetings organized by ourselves.
• Advice and guidance from young (puppy) to old (senoir)

What do we expect from a host family?
• You live within a maximum radius of 30 minutes drive from us, the less the better. This in connection with personal and regular contact.
• You will follow a course with the dog at my or a dog school that you feel comfortable with.
• Especially important that we get along well.
• It is also nice if there is something to know about dogs.
• Can give a lot of love to one of our Australian Labradoodle.
• Of course there is much more to say about this.