Puppy course Patty Bakker

As a breeder of the Australian Labradoodle, I wanted to use the knowledge I already thought I had to delve even more into the behavior of the dog/pup.

So I started the training Kynology Module A : Ethology dog. Unbelievable how much I could still learn about the behavior and needs of a dog. That's why I couldn't stop the training and I went even further with Module B1: Canine instructor, Module B2 canine instructor and Canine module C: Guidance problem behavior dog.

I went through all of these and completed them with a certificate.

Because I would like to help more people with it and especially want to let them experience how important it is to have a good start with their new family member (puppy). I started giving puppy private courses.

What does it entail :

  • A total of 4 courses – The 1e lesson will be given for the pup in a safe environment (at home) for the basic exercises. The rest of the lessons will vary.
  • The 1e In class we will discuss the following points, which are the sit and the down. And all the basics to deal with your new family member, but also to show how fun and exciting their new world is.
  • The 2e lesson we will do the points , biting behavior, loose and the here.
  • The 3e lesson we will start walking without pulling, playing and not jumping.
  • The 4e class will be in a place where there are a lot of dogs so I can explain the body language of dogs you encounter. And finally the Basic exercises for the final Certificate.
  • I will also always be available if there are any questions you encounter between classes.
  • The cost of the package of 4 lessons is €200.
  • The lessons will have a duration of 1 hour, sometimes it runs out and we just keep going until all things have been discussed and eventually everyone in the family understands everything.

For more information do not hesitate to contact:


Hopefully see you soon.